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Landscape Design Styles

At present, there are four most popular landscape designs, widely spread among modern gardens.

French Landscape Style

The French landscape style is known for its rationality, sharp compositions and shapes. It is also notable for straight lines and solid geometrical figures: perfectly even garden paths, smoothly cropped bushes and trees, regular reservoir shapes. The French style is very formal and triumphal; founttains, sculpture and water cascades are commonly used in such gardens. As a rule, French style requires spacious, expansive areas. You should consider this landscape style if you prefer classic refined decorative elements and sophisticated figures. However, the French style gardens are cost-intensive and need to be constantly maintained and supported.

French landscape

Italian Landscape Style

Italian landscape style is created for small or standard country yards. The integral features of such gardens are terraces, gazebos, reservoirs, flowerpots, fountains, flower arches and fences. A rich color palette is remarkable for Italian style as well, the dominant colors are red, yellow, amber, orange, pink, chocolate and hazel. Such a saturated spectrum makes a garden picturesque while blooming.

Italian landscape

Japanese Landscape Style

A fundamental principle of a Japanese garden is correct arrangement of numerous stone elements. Such elements bear decorative and conceptual functions, since a Japanese garden is created for meditation and contemplation. An abundance of rocky textures, reservoirs, low-growing greenery and wandering paths is specific for Japanese style. It is also convenient for small gardens and yards and easy to maintain.

Japanese garden

English Landscape Style

An English garden is distinctive for its naturalness: there is no sharp geometrical shapes, figures and lines. It seems like a garden is a part of natural environment. Smooth green lawns, cozy terraces, ponds, cascade plantation, abundance of trees and bushes are characteristic for English style. However, such gardens need to be carefully serviced, due to the greenery plentifulness.

English garden


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