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Top Five Desert Activities to Try Out in Dubai

The sandbanks of Dubai are always lit with exhilarating activities. You can make the most of your time while going on an adventurous expedition in the most beautiful city in the desert. There are several sports and rides offered by various providers for both locals and tourists. You will find an array of beautiful landscapes and amazing traveling options when you plan to take a tour of the desert. Here is a list of five major activities you must try when you take out time to hit your next off-road tour in this wonderful city.

Try Desert Safari

The city of Dubai is quite popular because of this activity. Millions of tourists visit to have this experience. It is really exciting to sit in a heavy vehicle and travel around the uneven surfaces of the sandbanks. Make sure that you hold on to the seat during this trip. You can sit on a backseat or in front to enjoy red dunes slopes. You can also enjoy Arabic cuisine at the end of this adventure. Don’t forget to capture the amazing landscapes and beautiful scenes you will find during the journey.

Quad Bike Safari in Dubai

Enjoy Quad Biking

Quad bike safari in Dubai is a must try activity if you want to feel the adrenaline rush in your body. You can drive this four-wheeled bike by yourself if you take the training session or have prior experience. There are several guided tours available that will allow you to navigate around the sandbanks and beautiful terrains as you hustle your bike.

Experience Sand Boarding

This experience is worth enjoying if you are not afraid of sand-filled winds. You can take a board, tie it under your feet, and go down the beautiful red sandbanks to have fun. You can also find deals which include all the fun-filled activities including safari rides, sand boarding, and quad biking to explore the beauty of this desert.

Take a Luxury Tour

You can hire a personal guide and luxury vehicle to drive along the sandbank. There are several service providers that offer a vintage vehicle to give you a close look of old times. This will be a remarkable journey for you where you can feel the real life of the desert. You can also enjoy Emirati food at the end of your journey in the most lavish way.

Take a Luxury Tour

Spend an Evening in the Desert

You can witness the beauty of the stars in the night sky while you go camping in the desert. If you want a magnificent experience, book a luxury tent that will give you the feel of a villa while you lounge in the desert.