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Three Important Structural Engineering Software

Structural analysis and design play a significant role in the civil engineering field. Structural engineering is based on the theory of physical laws where different fundamentals are used to build various structures like buildings. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the structures are long-lasting and stable. Also, the building plans should be in accordance.

Since it is advanced, various software tools have been created to assist engineers on the way to go. These tools are user-friendly and improve productivity. They also contain several features like beam design, footing, and column design. Some software programs include ETABS, SAFE, STAAD. PRO, RISA, and many more. If you want to be a professional structural engineer, you should go to a good college and study Etabs courses in Dubai. Rest assured you’ll gain the skills of building tunnels, towers, and even relevant knowledge.

Structural Analysis


ETABS is a software program that’s designed to help engineers to analyze and design buildings developed by CSI. This tool has a 3D graphic interface and contains modeling templates. In this template, ETABS user can be able to outline a grid and add some grid space. Additionally, define the structural sections. In the model view, the user will be able to view and deploy the model with accuracy. For the grid systems, there aren’t any limitations to the placing of the grid. Grids can either be cylindrical or any grid form system. ETABS data can also be edited as its essential when defining the model from a spreadsheet.

This program has a unique design that has a steel frame. This frame includes a member size that allows a user to interact with the view at a frame member. ETAB contains a fully integrated beam and column. In short, ETABS is used for analyzing concrete frames and shear walls.


SAFE is a structural engineering software that’s mostly used in designing the integrated slabs and floors. It stands outs from the rest as it combines all aspects of the engineering designing process in a relaxed and spontaneous environment. It offers a wide range of services like post-tensioning and supports conditions. The layout model composes of drawing tools that make it fast and easy to use. Slabs and foundation can be of any shape that is; it can have an edgy curve or circular.

The floor and foundation include an uplift from the coil spring. SAFE is automated so it can generate the pattering surface. The model can contain columns and braces that may be linked directly above and below the floor.

For the reports, plans, schedules, and elevations, SAFE can be able to generate, view, and print the results and analysis. Need to analyze and design concrete slabs? This tool best suits you.

Structural Analysis And Designing Program


Structural Analysis and Designing Program is software in engineering that’s designed for analysis and designing of structure. It has an array of tools that can create all types of projects from the towers to metro stations. You can design steel, aluminum, and timber using more than 90 international codes.

Features of STAAD.Pro

  • It involves automated calculations, not manual calculations.
  • You can view the results of the design in a clear and graphical mode.
  • Improve the steel workflow by the interaction of the physical members and surfaces.
  • It is easy to learn and understand too.

You can always visit educational institutes like Arabian Infotech, where you’ll get enough information about Etap software training. Be that certified structural engineer you’ve always dreamt of being.