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How to Save Big on Your Car Rental Packages

Sometimes it is not always possible to find the cheapest car rental deal in the short amount of time that you have. It is in times like these that you need to make the best of the hand that you have been dealt with. We have compiled some tips on how you will be able to save big on the rental car package that you have received even if it was not the cheapest option that you could have gotten. Agencies in Dubai offer some of the best car rental prices regardless of the time that you apply or the deal that you receive. View our website to navigate your way through some of our deals.

Car Rental Packages

The Ideal Situation

Hindsight is here to plague us after we have made the wrong decision. But at least you can learn from your mistakes and do things the right way the next time you go on vacation. Travelers receive the best rental packages when they start their search early. If you start looking at deals a few months before your trip, you have time to exploit specials that the rental companies have throughout the year. If you arranged the booking a bit late this time, do not worry because you know better for next time.

Calculate Your Mileage

Rental companies offer two deals when it comes to mileage: you can either get the unlimited package or the pay-per-kilometer package. If you are stuck with a rental car that is more expensive than you anticipated, you can determine if it would be cheaper for you to take the unlimited package or the pay-as-you-travel package. Simply decide on the sights you want to visit and calculate the total distance you will approximately travel on your vacation then compare the total cost of the unlimited package to the distance which you are likely to travel. Choose whichever option is cheaper for you!

Leave all the Bells and Whistles

While automatic vehicles with air conditioning, GPS navigation systems, satellite phones and roof racks are great to cater to your comfort and traveling needs they are all kind of unnecessary. While they do make your life easier, they are not essentials. Most Smartphones come with GPS and map applications rendering the GPS in the rental unnecessary. And while an automatic vehicle is easier to drive, a manual with cruise control will do just as well. Cut out the unnecessary bells and whistles and save yourself some money!

Rental Companies

Return it How You Received it!

Most rental companies charge a fee if you return the vehicle dirty and full of sand. If you are going to the beach then make sure to clean off properly before getting into the vehicle. Otherwise, a quick vacuum before you return it can save you from the expensive cleaning charges.

Be a Contentious Driver

When you pay for your rental car you need to pay a security deposit. This deposit will be repaid if you return the car in the condition you received it. The deposit is also used to cover any traffic fines you might receive while using the vehicle. Drive the speed limit and abide by all the traffic rules to make sure that you get your security deposit back.