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Factors to Consider While Renting A Luxury Yacht

While a yacht can be quite expensive to buy, one can be obtained from a rental agency for relatively little. For this reason, we often advise visitors to Dubai to rent a yacht, even if only for an afternoon. A yacht is a great way to see the full majesty of the city while taking in the blazing UAE sun. Additionally, most people find the calming ocean a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s streets. If you have never rented a yacht before, there are a number of things you should keep in mind to ensure you end up with the one that is right for you. You’ll find the most important of them outlined below.

Your Event

Increasingly, yachts are being rented by people intending to host a specific event onboard. Weddings, for example, are often held onboard yachts in the UAE. Obviously, a wedding requires a yacht with enough room to seat witnesses, as well as an area to act as an altar for the happy couple. UAE businesses often woo foreign partners by holding important meetings onboard a yacht. If you’re renting a yacht for this purpose, you’ll need one with an office or meeting room of some kind.

Yacht Rental Prices


While it is possible to rent a yacht without a crew, the vast majority of rental agencies will provide you with one of some kind. Depending on your needs and the size of the yacht, your crew could consist of chefs, entertainers, and even medical staff, or could be limited to a lone skipper. Give some thought to the roles you want filled onboard your yacht, and your rental agency will almost definitely be able to provide you with appropriate candidates for each.


As mentioned earlier, it’s far less expensive to rent a yacht than it is to purchase one. That being said, some rental yachts are more affordable than others. Yacht rental prices can very easily get out of hand. Take a look at your budget before you begin researching yachts and decide what you can afford to spend without impacting the rest of your stay in Dubai. Once you have arrived at a figure, share it with each rental agency you contact to determine who can give you the best deal.

Yacht Rental


If there is one thing you should never do in the world of sailing, it is exceeding the capacity of your vessel. This goes for everything from cruise ships to paddle boats to, you guessed it, yachts. Before renting a yacht, confirm the number of people you will be taking onboard. You should also remember to include your desired crew in your count. A higher capacity will require a larger, and therefore more expensive, yacht, but it’s better to go over budget than go under water.


Renting a yacht is a great thing to do in Dubai, but it’s not the only thing to do in Dubai. There are many experiences to be had in the city, so you should leave some room in your schedule for additional activities. We also suggest making your booking for a time when the sun will be in your favor. At the right time of the day, the sun is a joy to sail under. At certain points, however, it can be utterly unbearable and a threat to you and your passengers.