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Fabricate Your Ideas in Brand Promotion

When you own a company, your first priority is to attract people towards your products so people buy them. But it is not easy to attract a large audience because you know the business but you don’t know how to attract people at first place. That’s where advertising companies intervene. They do the work but it is you who get the profit mostly. Different companies use different methods of advertising. The field of commercial advertisement is progressing with leaps and bounds. There are many ways to advertise. Fabric printing in Dubai is a growing method of advertisement. You see the banners that hung on every road. These banners are the miracle of fabric printing.

Fabric printing is the procedure where one apply colour to a fabric. The application of colour should have definite patterns or design. The colour is applied such that it makes a bond with the fabric and therefore it presents a resistance when washed. Textile printing involves dyeing the whole fabric with just one colour but when we do fabric printing we apply different colour with different patterns.

The printing of a particular design involves many processes including the preparation of fabric to the application of colour on the fabric:

  • Pre-treatment of fabric
  • Preparing the colours
  • Preparation of paste that is to be printed
  • The impression of paste on fabric
  • Dry the fabric
  • Making the print permanent using hot air
  • After process treatments



If you take a deeper look at the society, you’ll see that it’s becoming brand conscious at a whole other level. Brand awareness is on the rise and people actually take the time out of their lives to give brands a second thought.

With such conscious and well aware customers, it only makes sense for the market to be competitive and scarce for brands. It’s literally a brand war out there and companies are improvising their marketing and advertising techniques on daily basis to make their products stand out from others. These techniques can include store graphics, crowd control barriers graphics at events, exhibition graphics and flags. We have a very short customer attention span; Regular promotional campaigns can help build lasting brand awareness while digital fabric printing has its part to play in this process.

Why is fabric printing important?

  • It is tangible
  • Credible
  • It establishes your brand
  • Engaging
  • It helps you reach your target market

As seen from above, it is now important that you evolve with the society and obtain new techniques to reach your target audience. New attracts people more than the old techniques.