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Benefits of Sand Blasting and Painting

Know About the Process

Compressed air is used in the process of sandblasting to propel all the abrasive media at any surface you want to be clean. It can easily remove any sort of rust and paint, debur, and prepare an impeccable surface to do the coating of any type.

Types of Sandblasters

Benefits sandblastingThere are usually two types of sandblasters used by the professionals which includes

  • Suction Blast System
  • Pressure Blast System

The pressure system is usually considered as 10 times faster than the other but it is also a little bit expensive.

Benefits of Sandblasting

In the United Arab Emirates, the demand of cleaning is higher as it is a commercial hub for several types of businesses. This situation has paved the way for sand blasting and painting companies in Dubai - Optimum Dry Ice Cleaning is offering unmatchable results in this field with years of expertise. We have created a list of benefits you can achieve after having this process done in your commercial setup.

  1. Surface Preparation

    All the clients who want to have their metal components cleanup for new profiles so that their new finished coating can easily adhere without showing any bumps or holes, this method is perfect to create the results they want in an effective way.

  2. Quick Action

    The contaminants are quickly removed from the affected surface which includes all types of paints, grease, dirt that have stuck to the surface over the period of time, stains which are appeared due to weathering or rust.

  3. Non-Toxic

    Sandblasting ecologyThe medium which is utilized is not toxic at all such as bicarb soda upon inhalation which increases the safety of your workers and staff. We make sure that a proper health safety measures are taken to leave the nontoxic result in your facility.

  4. Eco-Friendly

    The products and mediums which are used during the procedure are environmental friendly and do not add up to the pollution of the UAE. You can have your green love save through sandblasting performed in your setup of any kind.

  5. Simple Cleanup

    It is mandatory to place tarpaulins beneath each and every object about to hit with the process of sandblasting; the cleanup is easy as compare to other traditional methods. The material can be put into the trash can by simply wrapping the sheet.

  6. Rust Inhibition

    A thin film of powdery material is left behind after the process of sandblasting obviously by using certain mediums. This will help in eradicating and inhibiting any sort of flash rust which immediately occur when the metal meets the air. You can also have it coated immediately.