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Through photography we preserve history

Photography is the profession of heart. You click a moment that touches your heart or makes the photograph that touches the heart of others. There is no another way to explain the feeling. The power of imagination is everything, clicking a picture is of less importance. There are many good photographers that know how to take good pictures and preserve good moments. a photographer in Dubai is an example of such photographers.

Photography is not about owning fancy equipment. You can use an ordinary and create a masterpiece from it. A good photographer is a keen observer. He/she observes everything around him and knows exactly the right moment to click a photograph.

The key element of photography is passion. A photographer shouldn’t take photography as a burden, it should be fun for him and his subject. If the subject is an inanimate thing, a photographer should be able to tell the story behind the photograph.

What are the traits of a good photographer:

  • Knowledge – A photographer should have all the knowledge required to capture the moment. From the specification and ability of his camera to the emotions of the subject.
  • Passion – As said earlier, it is the key to a good photograph. You should be passionate about your work.
  • Tell a story – He should be able to tell the story behind in just one shot.
  • Capture the feeling not just an appearance
  • Intrigue the audience – Make them curious
  • Document history
  • Preserve the present
  • Connections – Connect with people. Connect people with each other
  • Shoot anything that attracts you
  • Let the people see the beauty in them
  • Photography can help you mediate
  • Travel back in time – your photograph can take you back in time so you can relive the moment
  • Observation skills – for a photographer to be good, he needs to observe each and everything with keen interest.
  • Pay attention to details – every photographer is good but what make one unique is the ability to paying attention to the details.
  • Freeze the moment

Photography and painting are same but the difference is a painter paint from imagination but a photographer has an object to imagine from. Photography is considered as a realistic expression. Photography has a specific nature that separates it from painting and drawing.

Owning a DSLR does not make you a photographer but that doesn’t mean you cannot be a photographer. Your photographs define you and your work. A good photographer knows where and when to click. Take photos just for the fun of it and you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time. 

Nothing satisfies your soul more than knowing that you have gotten a good shot. You preserve the moments that help you go back in time and relive the moments again