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The Nuances of Interior Design of Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs

To work and make an interior of a public place is a quite difficult and task for any professional. To create a place, which would combine a multi-faceted feature, would be interesting, unusual and always attractive – seems easy only at first glance.

What are the Features of Interior Design of Restraunts and Clubs

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Of course, the design of these places should correspond to such concepts as convenience, comfort, rationalism, as well as this place should be memorized by visitors and customers.

The interior design of the restaurant must match the kitchen and the concept of the whole venue. It’s the key to future popularity and consequently to the big commercial benefit for the owners.

The concept of the specific venue, its format, size, its location in the city or outside: in the city one design is appropriate, outside – another. But it doesn’t mean that only expensive interior can be beautiful and interesting. For example, accents in minimalist interior can be very spectacular and stylish and leave in visitor’s memory only pleasant and memorable images. There are a lot of variants for decorating the café, everything depends on customer’s wishes, the architect’ imagination, and the most important, trust cooperation. Maybe, because of this every café, which has its own, original style, has a lot of visitors. However, choosing the right interior design, don’t forget about special features of visitors, on who this café focuses.

For example, the café for children can be created in the form of fairy tale, or to be an illustration to the famous story, and can be even a space ship from a fantastic cartoon. Or on the contrary it can represent a “range” of children's creativity – to have simple and robust furniture, interesting and durable materials in the decoration, drawing, sculpting, climbing, contests and competitions. Being in this atmosphere, the child will feel comfortable and engaged, and then he will want to come here again.

To create the interior for the restaurant is more difficult. As in the case of cafe, it’s better to make a clear concept, to identify the circle of visitors and their status. The next important aspect is the specifics of the kitchen. It can be traditional European and exotic. But anyway, you need the special conceptual approach.

For example, it was thought up, that the kitchen will consist of the author's trendy dishes. It means, that the interior design of the restaurant will be in the style of hi-tech, in which the author’s fantasy can create a combination of cold metal with warm shades, and perhaps even organize an unusual light installation. If the kitchen will have a specialization of pizzeria, the design will be in Italian style.