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Shop In Your Pajamas: The Growth Of Online Shopping


The internet has considerably altered the way in which retail shopping is done in many parts of the world, now it is progressing on the same footsteps in economies like Dubai. The fashion of online shopping is advancing very quickly with the assigning of best deals in Dubai in the recent years.

This is due to the reason that online shopping protects you from standing in long lines for a changing room, trying to sort through heaps of clothing to search for your size or circling through mobs of fellow shoppers. In addition to this, you sidestep all the tricks usually stores use to make you spend more of your money than you have really intended for.

The reality that the new online market is progressing and connecting itself is shown in the development of customer-to-customer and business-to-customer technology mainly giving focus to online marketing and selling and providing a wide spread of products- fashion wear, casual clothing, footwear, electronics, jewelry, books, gifts, computers, handsets, toys and much more-to be sold and purchased online.

The main accelerator for this changing trend are mostly the investment by the foreigners, who consider that online retail business has an enormous potential to grow in the area which has a large population and a lot of people who come from poor countries for the purpose of employment. That is why, the global firms make their investments in this sector as they have confidence that the future of e-commerce is very bright in this country.

There are many factors that have been the source of growth for e-commerce industry in the UAE; some of them include access of fast-speed internet to a major part of the population, increasing public trust on the deals conducted through online sellers and awareness about the online marketplace, payment solutions and the infrastructure for delivery logistics. As most of the people are not capable of having a credit or debit card or they do not have access to plastic money for shopping only because of security concerns, majority of the online market sellers have embraced the cash-on-delivery model.

UAE in comparison to South Asia, Central Asia, Africa and East Europe is a new place for e-commerce industry so a marketplace is still has to be created here. Once the residents start using the plastic money, the proportion of online transactions will increase considerably. As the use of smart phones has increased and in addition, the launch of 3G and 4G mobiles, they are further expected to enhance the spectrum of online shopping. Increase in online shopping is advantageous to all- retailers, producers and customers. Because it is accessible and beneficial, cost-effective as well as time-effective for the customers, it also increases the sales and margins for the producers and retailers and gives boost to their access to a wide range of clients without additionally investing in their businesses. This is the change that is to be brought in the industry of E-commerce and DEALS ADDRESS is trying its best to be the ones following this formula. They provide thousands of deals which will feed your desire for shopping at all your favorite brands, restaurants, fitness, food and everything you can think of.