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How to Choose a Good Sofa for Your Garden

Garden Sofa Design



Today sofa has become a real symbol of relaxation and comfort for modern men. And even though this statement is ironic (in some way), but it is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in modern families. In the traditional sense a set of sofa and two chairs is called "soft furniture", but this group also includes: corner sofas, ottomans, sofas, couches, beds, chairs, etc.

In addition to a huge selection of upholstery materials, many colors and textures, natural and modern artificial surfaces, sofas and chairs can have different shape and purpose. Luxurious sofas, elaborately imitating the work of the old masters, can stand next to simple, but incredibly comfortable and durable office couches. A huge multi-functional sofa not only provides comfortable seats for all the family members, relatives and friends, but also provides a pull-out coffee table and has a bar hidden in the armrest. Mounted lights will add brightness, or contrast, create an intimate atmosphere. Don't forget, that these couches can turn into full-fledged berths.

Forms and Models

Before you choose soft furniture, you need to take into account the size of the room. First of all it concerns small apartments. It is desirable to abandon the classic bulky sets with powerful armrests and curved backs in favor of simple forms. If the interior is designed in classic style, the appropriate padding and small pieces of decor, such as carved wooden inserts are acceptable. It helps them to successfully fit the general style of the room.

A corner sofa is a good solution for small spaces, especially if it is often used for relaxation. But, you may have to abandon one of the chairs, or to do without them, preferring a large comfortable stool or a bag-chair. The best way to find out if a chair or sofa will fit the room is to order services of garden design Dubai by Luxury Imperial Design. Garden Sofa

Types of Upholstery

And finally, let's say a few words about the upholstery. You should choose the color and materials, according to your tastes and preferences. But there are basic requirements that should be followed. Pay attention to the quality of the seams of the upholstery - they should be perfect. There should be no protruding knots and threads, seams should be smooth, without gaps, sewn with thick thread and a thin needle, the holes should not be large, otherwise the material will begin to spread in such places. And of course, it is desirable that the upholstery had water-repellent properties, was durable and easy to clean.

The most popular tissue coverings are:

  • Chenille. Expensive material. Soft and very pleasant to touch. The price is sometimes equal to the cost of leather covering.
  • Tapestry. Not so refined as chenille, but includes tissue of synthetic fibers based on polyester. It makes the surface durable and wear-resistant.
  • Flock is similar to the tapestry, but has a soft fleecy surface, require careful treatment.