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Glowing Garden Stones

Who of the owners of suburban areas has not dreamed to decorate his garden with distinctive decor, find the “highlight” that would make the garden unique? They also want to design solutions will be not only beautiful but practical. In searches of unusual decorations for the garden, many people use proven tools, but nowadays you should pay attention to some new things. One of them – glowing stones – a very interesting garden decor, which also helps to solve the problem of lighting areas.

What is a luminous ornamental stone? How to use it in the landscape design? What are its advantages and features? Is it possible to make the glowing stones with your own hands? Search of answers to these questions will help us to get acquainted with this wonderful outdoor decor.

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What are the glowing stones?

The artificial glowing stone is a polymeric product with the catalysts of the luminosity, which accumulate in the day the resource that emits light in the dark.

The stones work in the following way. A kind of day “charging” allows the polymer stones to glow about the same time as they have accumulated a light. So, if the stone was in a lit area during the day, it will glow all night until dawn, if it “was charged” only half an hour, about the same and the duration of its subsequent glow, and then its energy runs out.

Is it difficult to create something similar in your own garden plot? Perhaps not. A little practical experience and some knowledge will help you to create a garden of mosses with your hands.

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Glowing stones in a garden landscape

Garden Landscaping in Dubai has glowing stones for the lighting of paths and other garden features. A curb dumping at the edges of the tracks is made of small pebbles, the larger pebbles are integrated into the design of the flower bed at a certain distance from each other. The tiles with the glowing polymer coating and the glowing stones for track are used in the structure of the paving, highlighting the paths and stairs, curbs and ledges. It is very convenient, for example, to mark with such gems the entry of the garage, the turn of the path, the threshold of the house. 

Small stones, glowing in the dark, can be also arbitrarily distributed on the flower beds or lawn. In the daytime, they are almost invisible among the plants, and in the darkness they will begin to emit soft glow, giving the islands of greenery the unforgettable fantastic appearance.

Om the market you can see different shades of polymer decor, so you can create wrapped to make dumping of the glowing stones that will look impressive as during the day, as in the darkness.

The advantages of the glowing stones

Radiance is one of the main effect for which people acquire these plastic stones. It is important to note that the service life of such furniture, as the number of “recharges” with virtually no restrictions. In fact, the glowing stones for garden are also eternal lamps, which do not consume a single watt of electricity.

Another feature of the polymer stones is that they are not hazardous – the rounded edge cannot hurt you. There is no phosphorus in the composition of the glowing stones, so they will not harm you or your plants.

The artificial stone, as well as other plastic products are durable, resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, temperature extremes, high loads.