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A Close Look at the Gigantic Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the 21st largest mall in the world and a massive place to explore. This 20-billion-dollar shopping haven carries approximately 1200 stores. The Mall is a part of the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest commercial building in the world. Visitors can look forward to tons of attractions, fun for adults and kids, restaurants, shops across all price ranges, and lots of entertainment. Exploring the 13 million square feet may leave you with too little time if you don’t know the layout. Here’s a close look at the gigantic Dubai Mall.

First impressions

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Get good car rental in Dubai and head to the mall. You’ll start on the ground floor and there are lots to find. The base level of the Dubai Mall has a huge selection of fashion retailers. There is also a designer shoe store called Level Shoes spanning almost 100,000-feet. You’ll also find the entrance to Bloomingdales and Galeries Lafayette here – both are three story stores. There are over 70-fashion retailers in the mall across the ground and first floors. As you go deeper into the mall, you’ll encounter the Souk market where you also have the chance to see a prehistoric diplodocus skeleton. This ground floor Souk marketplace has over 200 stores holding goods characteristic to the Emirates. Bargain hunters can’t miss the Souk market.

Finding food

You’ll find food from all across the world as well as local delicacies. Head to the stores near the Dubai Fountain for the broadest selection of restaurants. There are bakeries, cafes, takeaway joints & high-end restaurants. The ground floor is also the perfect place for travelers with a sweet tooth. Candylicious has everything you could ever imagine from every corner of the world. Just keep heading towards the indoor waterfall and you’ll have an endless array of eating options.

Tons to do

All visitors to the Dubai Mall need to do themselves the favor of visiting the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. No less than 2.6 million gallons of water fill the tank. You’ll see shark, rays and more species of fish than you can count. Consider splashing out and signing up to feed the baby otters and crocodiles. There is also an Olympic-sized skating rink which has enough space for you to pick up the pace. Otherwise, give the A380 flight sim a try, or spend an hour or two playing virtual reality simulators. For the best viewing experience anywhere, watch a movie at the 222-screen reel cinemas in the complex.

Nearby attractions

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If the hustle and bustle of the Dubai Mall become a bit too much, climb in your car and visit any of these nearby attractions. An SUV Nissan Kicks for rent opens up the option of heading on a desert safari. However, if you’re walking or prefer to use the mall’s valet parking, try something closer. Just adjacent to the mall is the Dubai Fountain with its spectacular water show starting at 7 PM. Otherwise, head next door to Burk Khalifa and see Dubai from the 148th-floor of the tallest building in the world.